Tweed River High School

Innovative Learning Pathways

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About our school

Our school makes a difference for students. We have a tradition of academic and sporting achievements. As a comprehensive secondary school we provide quality programs in academic, vocational, cultural and sporting pursuits. Student progress is reported on in a variety of ways to both students and their parents/caregivers. Students are encouraged and supported by strong welfare programs. The Excellence in Sport program provides top-class coaching and mentoring for talented sports students. The resurgence of music and drama, together with achievements in dance, debating and public speaking attest to the range of opportunities available for students.



  • strong relationships between students, staff and community provide a vibrant school spirit. 


  • regard for self, others and the environment while valuing individual differences creates a cooperative learning environment. 


  • high expectations of students, staff and parents result in commitment, quality work and success at all levels. 


  • wide ranging options and choices provide relevant learning and skills for life in an enjoyable educational context. 


  • students and staff engage in educational activities in a safe and harmonious environment. 


To provide an innovative, safe learning environment which promotes excellence through opportunity, teamwork and respect. 


  • Tweed River High School is recognised within our community for excellence in education outcomes. 
  • Students are willingly engaged in a wide range of innovative learning programs. 
  • Students value learning and achieve their personal best. 
  • Staff embrace innovative quality teaching methods that focus on 21st century learners. 
  • Staff work cohesively in a highly professional manner to achieve the school purpose. 
  • Strong relationships enhance our links to the community and provide a sense of belonging for students, staff and community members. 
  • Success is recognized and celebrated in our school community.


The school is always working to improve it's systems for the delivery of programs and is willing to investigate ways to better support our students. 

At times the school does perform below expectation for any number of reasons.  It does however aim to address concerns and improve on delivery on such occasions. 

The school welcomes comments and ideas from members of the school community.

Your comments, concerns, and compliments can be directed to the school in the following ways:


Department of Education Website:


Members of our school community can keep up to date with the programs and any changes occurring at our school via:

The newsletter every 3 weeks

The NSW Education Parent App. More information can be found here.

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